According the government data[1], the number of overweight children in Australia has doubled in recent years, with a quarter of children considered overweight or obese. Causes of obesity in children include unhealthy food choices, lack of physical activity and family eating habits. This scenario is the same all over the world.

Let's address this with age appropriate information, outdoor play, technology and games.


    Food literacy is a tool for change. Our aim is to teach young people the value of fresh, healthy food. They learn to understand food marketing, explore processing and packaging of food so they can make informed choices.


    Part story book, part learning trail. Elements of the story are augmented with rich media elements and online content which brings the printed book alive by using your own Internet enabled mobile devices.

  • Location-AWARE GAME

    The iOS game uses GPS and 3G/WIFI to build the location-aware game that can be played in the Melbourne CBD. There are many interactive elements, local foods and clues to be experienced. Great for groups and schools.


    Aimed at kids 5-12 years old but can be played by all ages in groups. Read parts of the book at night and then take the whole family out the next day on an adventure and explore the many local Melbourne food delights.

New city sub-domains will be added and the GoodooF location-aware game modified to work for your particular food culture and city geography.

We aim to share our love of food, play and technology with the world, engaging a network of young food literate change agents.

My school friends and I are gearing up to play together. Love the idea of mixing food, eating and learning about healthy lifestyle.
Who knew I could be food illiterate? Let's play.
My students will love reading this interactive book and checking out all the augmented reality stuff.
How may foods can a kid learn about? Don't know. What I do know is I love to play games on my Mum's iPad.
I told my friends there is a cool new game to play in the city and they were surprised. I love to cook so I hope that learning more about food literacy will make me a better mini master chef.
I love reading to my children at bedtime. I'm sure we can turn this book into a real world family adventure.



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[1] Obesity in children - causes | Better Health Channel

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